The very least to expect from us:

Extensive knowledge

Not only should your engineer have knowledge of all types of boilers and domestic gas central heating systems, they should also be able to demonstrate that knowledge and give it freely.

If they are not willing to do tell you what they are doing, you should immediately be suspicious, as it gives the impression they have something to hide.

Advice on what’s best for your home

Another important trait for any heating engineer is to have your home’s best interests at heart – not their profit margins. This means they should only carry out the work that is necessary, instead of trying to add on extra charges for things you don’t need.

They should be able to advise you on all your options and why, so that you can make the best choice for your home based on an informed decision – rather than just telling you what needs done.


The very least you should expect from an engineer is for them to show up on time. They should understand that your time is valuable and you certainly won’t want to take time off work just for a no-show.

Sometimes unexpected delays cannot be helped due to circumstances beyond their control, but if there is a problem with traffic etc. they should call you ahead of time to let you know they will be late.

Respect for your property

A heating engineer should always show the utmost respect for your property. Of course, a boiler installation can get messy, but they should always be as tidy as possible by laying down dust sheets and tidying up after themselves whenever possible.

This means they should have their own vacuum cleaner to use, dust down and clean any surfaces that have dust or stour, and clean up any debris that wasn’t caught by the dust sheets, so you are left with a clean, tidy home.

Detailed, fixed price quotes

It is absolutely vital that you request a fixed price, detailed quote before agreeing to any work carried out by a heating engineer. This can only be achieved by conducting a home visit, and means no nasty surprises or extra charges.

Ideally, the pricing should be at a fixed cost, rather than by the hour, so extra time cannot be added onto your invoice at the end of the day.

Good communication

Finally, you should be able to easily get in touch with your chosen heating engineer. You should at the very least be provided with a landline that is always answered or mobile number and email address, without having to wait too long for a response.

They should let you know when you can expect to hear back from them, so that you are always in the loop and never wondering exactly what is going on with your boiler installation.

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